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Gardening is Filthy Get Dirty with Us - Your Local Plant Nursery

Gardening is Filthy Get Dirty with Us - Your Local Plant Nursery

Gardening is Filthy Get Dirty with Us - Your Local Plant NurseryGardening is Filthy Get Dirty with Us - Your Local Plant Nursery

What Makes Us Different

Adaptable Plants

 Our primary focus is finding plant varieties that were not only productive for our region but also have exceptional flavor. Each year we do tastings to determine which ones we will continue to offer and which new ones to add.

Rare Varieties

 We offer varieties that are difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere commercially.

Local Sustainability

 All plants are grown right here on site without the use of chemical herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.

Promoting Ethical Companies

 We utilize seeds from companies that do not do business with agro-chemical subsidiaries - all seeds are non-GMO. 

No Growth Regulators

 We do not use hormone growth inhibitors on our plants. Most nurseries will use these growth inhibitors to allow their plants to remain marketable for longer periods of time. This can result in disappointing results in your garden.

Neonicotinoid Free

Our plants all come from seed that is free of neonicotinoids which have been proven to kill pollinators. 


It All Starts with a Seed


Our plant nursery strives to offer the residents of the San Francisco East Bay a sustainable, responsible source for their edible and native garden needs with exceptional customer service. Our goal is to make sure novices and advanced gardeners alike are successful by offering adaptable varieties of plants that are known to do well in our region with minimal care.  



We offer consultations at your home or at our urban farm/plant nursery to help you learn to grow your own food or help you work through the design challenges of your individual site. We also offer private group consultations for any of the workshops we provide.

Help Us Grow


We are currently in the process of finding a permanent location in our community. It takes a lot of resources to continue to expand to a brick and mortar store. We are currently running a fundraiser selling merchandise to help us grow.

Our Goals

Contact Us

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Let us know when you'd like to come visit our plant nursery and we can schedule a tour for you.

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