Greener Neighbours

About Us

Fulfilling Community Needs

We started by recognizing a need in our community. There are few plant nurseries in our area and most do not sell plants that are adaptable to our region since they are mass produced at large, far away nurseries. We wanted to provide plants that we knew would do well here but were also hard-to-find or interesting. 

Our Urban Farm

In 2008 we started Dog Island Farm in Vallejo. We are a small farm that grows a large variety of edible plants and raise urban livestock including chickens, turkeys and dairy goats. Because our zoning didn't allow us to actually sell the crops we produced we became a nursery that mainly focused on tomato, pepper and herb plants. We have been growing our nursery for 5 years and have expanded our offerings to include a wider variety of edibles, native plants, seeds and soil amendments. It has now become large enough to separate it from our urban farm so that the farm can focus on the goats. 

Taking Care of the Environment

We do everything we possibly can to help the environment thrive. Our nursery is now on solar power, we compost everything that we possibly can, and we only sell organic soil amendments in order to keep or environment free from pesticides. Our goal to take care of the environment starts with helping our community go green.