Greener Neighbours

Learn to Grow Your Own

Garden Design Consultations

 For the garden design consultation we'll come to your property and talk with you about what you want to do, problems you may be having, and we'll discuss your best course of action. We'll show you the best location for certain activities such as garden beds, fruit trees, livestock areas, etc. If you're interested in raising any livestock let me know beforehand and I'll look into your city's laws to find out what you can do legally. We also have a ton of tips and advice about how to save money while doing all of this because we feel that no one should go broke doing it. 

 The garden design consultation is on a sliding scale of $45-60. Basically you just pay us what you feel is fair and what you can afford. 

Urban Livestock Consultations

 If you're interested in learning about raising a specific animal such as goats or chickens, we can have you meet us at our urban farm so you can see our setup and get some actual hands on experience with our very friendly goat herd. We can do the same with chickens, rabbits, and turkeys. 

Private In-Home DIY Consultations


Want a private in-home canning or homebrewing lesson? Or maybe a private group workshop for you and your friends? Want to learn more than just one skill? We can do that as well.

Private one-on-one consultations at our home are $40. These generally last 2-3 hours.

Contact us for custom prices or for groups.